Impact Investment Fund

Impact Investment Deals Origination and Funding for Enterprise

Deal flow and origination in Impact Investing still remains one of the greatest challenges, we connect investors capital with the ‘right’ investment opportunities.


Impact Investing Deals

The emergence of Impact Investing and Social Enterprise or Purpose-driven Business has been gaining momentum over the last decade. 

Many new startups have been gaining traction and securing seed stage investment to support validation of business models and product-market fit. 

Alongside, there has been an emergence of Capacity Building Programs, Incubators, Accelerators and Education Providers to support the ecosystem. 

Deal flow and origination in Impact Investing still remains one of the greatest challenges, and connecting investors capital with the ‘right’ investment opportunities. 

Impact Investment Fund has a well developed strategy to ensure we have the best deals and a volume of global deals, providing us with the opportunity to identify and invest in high-growth, high-impact enterprise, that are able to deliver the social, environmental and financial returns we target.  


Deal Sourcing & Qualification

Deal sourcing or deal origination is a term used by investment professionals to describe the process by which firms identify investment opportunities. Impact Investment Fund has a well developed Deal sourcing strategy, backed by strong global networks, deep connections into various startup ecosystems, including with Incubators, Accelerators, Universities and Research Organisations, and a solid reputation as a respected Global Impact Investment Advisory and Fund Manager. 

We have a dedicated in-house team of analysts that utilise a well developed. innovative technology stack that supports identification, tracking, qualification, and provides us exclusive access to a volume of quality and qualified deals.


Deal Management, Monitoring and Reporting

We use a technology stack to support efficient, transparent and timely management, monitoring and reporting on all deals. FundView is our simple, intuitive and robust solution.

FundView is an integrated online portal and reporting tool which allows users to easily generate dynamic reports for both internal and external reporting on deals and investments.

Stakeholders can login to FundView directly from our homepage. The dashboard reports available display key fund information such as exposure levels, counterparty splits and committed versus called capital. FundView enhances our ability to perform through the use of a simple, intuitive and robust reporting solution.


Board and Governance Services

In line with Impact Investment Funds' foundational values of Trust and Ethics, our active portfolio management approach includes a focus on our investee companies Board and Governance.

We work closely with our investee boards, and in many cases hold a board seat and voting rights as a term of our investment. Good governance is an essential part of impact investing, and we support the development and implementation of global best practice governance and ethics policies in every company we invest in.


Need to Raise Investment Capital?

Impact Investment Fund is always looking for Impact Investment Opportunities and Deals. We provide capital for Seed-stage or Series A and beyond, for Emerging or Scale-stage Ventures and Enterprise. 

 General Criteria

  • Ability to demonstrate positive social and/or environmental impact

  • High-growth, scalable product or service that is disruptive or has unique features, or channels to market, that also provides barriers to entry for competition

  • Possess a business model with potential to generate in excess of $10m revenues in 5 years, and a 10x return for investors

  • At seed stage, have a minimum viable product, or at scale stage, have revenue and an expansion strategy

  • Have a business pathway reflecting market size and clear customer identification

  • Have a diverse and inclusive approach to team, governance board and advisory board formation

  • Are raising $100,000 to $5,000,000+

Sector Focus

  • Aligned to one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Renewable Energy and Associated Technologies

  • Education, Inclusion and Equality

  • Whole Plant-Based Foods and Agriculture (non-meat)

  • Environmental and Resource Products and Services

  • Technology, Platforms and Apps

  • Affordable Housing and Services for the Homeless

  • Indigenous Employment and Empowerment

  • Female Founders and Gender Equality

  • Social Enterprise and Purpose-driven Business

  • Health, Wellbeing and the Aged

Read more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals here