Impact Investment Fund

Impact Investment Fund Vision for Shifting Global Impact

Impact Investment Fund Pty Ltd is a Global Impact Advisory and Fund Manager.

Impact investing is a growing field of investment that intentionally creates positive social or environmental impact as well as a financial return, and measures both.

Impact investing has tremendous potential to help address some of our most entrenched societal issues.

Shifting Global Impact


Impact Investment Fund Vision - Shifting Global Impact

Our Vision is to connect impact investors with high-growth, high-impact enterprises that create a better future.

We seek to actively create a global shift in impact investing by providing enterprises access to readily available Impact Investment Funding.

We seek to educate stakeholders on investing with impact, and save investors time, by managing value creation through connecting capital with impact. Our team and organisation seeks to deliver high returns and deep impact though active and innovative advisory and fund management.

Unique Value Proposition

Impact Investment Fund offers a unique and better way to invest with impact. 

We are an Impact Advisory and Fund Manager with range of different products for different investors – impact and technology driven at our core.

We take an active portfolio management approach and operate with a shared value creation model.

Impact Investment Fund is backed by an experienced executive management team, leading advisors and a global investor network of UHNWI. 

Our focus is the connection of capital to impact-driven investments - Global Reach:Local Focus

We offer a unique model and network, providing access to exclusive and qualified deal flow.

Authentic and robust impact criteria, tracking and reporting.

Well developed go-to-market strategy and product-market fit. 

Core Values

Respect - we respect each other and our stakeholders.

Trust & Ethics - are the foundations of our organisation.

Courtesy - we are always courteous at work and home.

Collaboration - we actively seek to collaborate with others.

Impact-Driven - we focus on the impact we can create and deliver, everyday.

Global-Focus - we operate locally and globally with a focus on impact at scale.

Customer-Centric - we understand and focus on our customers and shared value creation.

Delivering Impact

We deliver impact through a range of tools and deliverables;

  • Portfolio monitoring services including financial and impact performance, and formal reporting.

  • Impact reporting including quantitative and qualitative measures, and case studies.

  • Technology-driven tools including Impact Reporting Platform, FundView Investor Portal, 24/7 management.

  • Impact Alignment to United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

  • Acknowledge and align to relevant goals, targets and indicators.

  • Use of defined unique global scorecards.