Impact Investment Fund

FundView Platform for Reporting

FundView is our simple, intuitive and robust technology-based reporting solution for investors and fund management.



FundView Investor Portal and Reporting Platform

FundView Investor Portal and Reporting Platform

Our simple, intuitive and robust reporting solution for investors.

FundView is an integrated online portal and reporting tool which allows users to easily generate dynamic reports for both internal and external reporting.

You can login to FundView directly from our homepage. The dashboard reports available display key fund information such as exposure levels, counterparty splits and committed versus called capital. FundView enhances our ability to perform through the use of a simple, intuitive and robust reporting solution.

Key Features:

  • Reporting available to both Managers and Investors
  • Dynamic real time reports and integrated feeds come from our core administration platform
  • Dashboard reporting to show key Investment Manager information
  • T+1 reports at your fingertips
  • Performance reporting downloads
  • Customised views for all users
  • Dynamic report building tools allowing users to choose the format and structure to suit their business
  • A library of over 200+ reports
  • Online Fund Factsheets available to track all key fund information
  • Flexibility architecture allowing users to select all date ranges for the reports
  • Separate reporting access for Investment Managers and investors to protect sensitive data
  • An intuitive and easy to follow tool with full service support functionality

Social Suite

Socialsuite is a technology platform that Impact Investment Fund has adopted to measure and report on the social and environmental outcomes of our investments.

How it works

Step 1 – Plan
Identify the outcomes you want to achieve, and how you plan to measure them.

Step 2 – Measure
Collect real time feedback from all stakeholders to measure impact – staff, clients, funders and partners.

Step 3 – Learn
Obtain valuable insights from all perspectives to rapidly understand what is (and isn’t) effective, and why.

Step 4 – Refine
Be agile — quickly make the right changes for better results, then repeat the process for continuous improvement.

Benefits of using Socialsuite

  • Collect continuous, real time feedback from all stakeholders
  • Rapid refinement of programs and initiatives
  • Use outcomes reports to secure funding and improve services
  • Real data and genuine insight on your effectiveness and outcomes